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Mars is a leading expert on flavanols – the phytonutrient compound present in cocoa that has been widely studied for its vascular effects and health benefits.

Flavanols are naturally occurring compounds that may have a range of circulatory health benefits. Mars scientists have been conducting research on this phytonutrient for several years.

It has been proven that flavanols:

  • Improve blood vessel function and increase blood flow
  • Reduce tendency of blood clot formation
  • Reduce blood pressure in people with mild hypertension
  • Increase blood flow to the brain, which may have important implications for learning and memory

While there is a clear link between cocoa flavanols and human health, these plant compounds are easily destroyed during the normal processing of cocoa into chocolate. Building off of years of scientific research and manufacturing experience, Mars scientists have improved a process to reduce the cocoa bean’s exposure to high temperatures, helping protect the cocoa flavanols inside. The proprietary, patented Mars, Incorporated Cocoapro® process ensures delivery of a cocoa ingredient guaranteed to have consistently high levels of flavanols. Today, some Mars products, such as DOVE® dark, contain verifiable levels of flavanols. In Brazil, we do not offer products manufactured with this process.